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Premium Coffee Grinder Versatile Blender 150W

Premium Coffee Grinder Versatile Blender 150W

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    Are you looking to make perfect fresh coffee and share them with your family and friends? Or you want to combine your own spice mixtures or create your own ground seeds or nuts?

    Our brand new electric coffee grinder will provide a good performance. It made of stainless steel twin blades can perfectly grind coffee beans, spice, herb , pepper or other food ingredients in a snap. A single button is all that is required to active the grinder, and you can monitor whole grinding process by transparent lid in order to reach a consistency of your choosing.


    • Large capacity grinding chamber.
    • Proper size fit household kitchen use.
    • Food grade ABS material, which is safety.
    • Transparent lid for visible grinding process.
    • One touch operation, simple and convenient.
    • A built-in safety feature with utmost convenience.
    • Control different degrees of fineness as you want.
    • 150W powerful motor makes the mixing thoroughly.
    • Perfect for any aspiring cook or professional barista.
    • Stainless steel twin blades to grind ingredients quickly. 
    • Can grind coffee beans,spice,nuts,seeds,herbs and more.
    • Rubber feet offer more stability prevent it from being knocked over.


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